Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Daily Schedule

     unpack STAR binder, lunch, and snack
     stuff coat in backpack and hang on numbered hook
     unstack chair
     grab your daily pencil
     bring signed agenda to be checked by teacher
     write morning message in word study notebook
     unfinished work/read silently

Morning Meeting
     stop everything and move to carpet as soon as school announcements start
     morning meeting starts immediately after announcements
     greeting, share, news, advice box, message, pledge
     Morning Greetings
     Morning Meeting Activities
     Guidelines (cute Morning Pledge)

(morning message will be written on my easel everyday)

Message Corrections (I will play a song while students go back to their seat to correct their morning message. This will give them a break and allow them to get prepared for the next part of the day.)

Interactive Read Aloud
     Making Connections Book List
     Common Theme Books
     Monthly Theme Books
     Picture Books by Subject and Topic

Reading Mini-Lesson
     Comprehension Activities

Daily 5 - Reading Groups

Social Studies/Science


CORE: Writer's Workshop(mini-lesson, indep. writing/conferencing, author share)
     Workshop Set Up & 6 Trait Book List
     6 Trait Lessons


Social Studies/Science

Math Workshop
  • THIS is how I first began with workshop this year.      
  • Since then, I have changed it more to a format like THIS.   
  • However, recently I came across THIS great site and I plan to use this next year. 

Pack Up

Afternoon Meeting (Wrap-Up)
  • Students take turns wearing a "recap" hat and calling on others to recap the day
  • Write one recap from each day in a notebook starting with the first day of school and at the end of the year raffle it off to students or save it in your class library for your next year's kids 
  • Have a jar of wrap up questions and students can choose different ones to answer each day (How did you help a friend? What was your favorite activity? What are you doing this weekend?)
  • Share a pit and peak of the day (yes, I do watch the Kardashians!)
  • End of the Day Reflections

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