Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Daily 5

Last year I modified Daily 5 a couple times to fit my classroom. We had the Daily 3 for a couple months and then the Daily 6. Here are some ideas that I plan on implementing with my Daily 5 next year:

1. Read to Self

2. Read to Someone
3. Write to Self
4. Write to Teacher
  • work on assignments for reading group - GO chart,
  • reading response - cards,
  • 1 graded assignment a week
5. SOL Station (SOLs are our end of year state tests, this station is to help students prepare all year.)\

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  1. I adore your new blog! It is so helpful to see someone else obsess about next year before the current year is even over! I started daily 5 recently, but plan on fully implementing it next year. Would you be able to explain your GO Chart? I really like this. How often do they have to complete it? Do they work on it all week? Also, do you have your students write a letter to you about what they are reading? I am still debating that. Also, would you explain what you have your students use during daily 5--composition book or binder? I want something different.